The Long Mud Wallow and Masturbation
Starring the following model:
In this video I spend a long time wallowing and masturbating in the mud. The mud was so fantastic and creamy I just could not leave it. The video starts out with me coverng myself with mud and rubbing my dick. Eventually I get fully covered in mud and pull off my throng and just wallow around dipping my head, diving, doing handstand and enjoying the soft warm feeling of the mud all over my body while i rubbed myself. If feels so good I ocasionally caught myself moaning while masturbating. Eventually I can't take it anymore and climax and cum on myself but I don't want to leave so I continue to wallow and move my body around in the mud. After a period of time doing this I couldnt help but get hard and aroused again so I started masturbating in order to cum a second time. I continue to masturbate feeling like I am becoming one with the mud and by the end of the video I am feeling such pleasure from it I cum a second time into the mud. This was an amazing and long mud wallow.

File count:3
Total size:1.97 GB
Runtime:55 mins, 1 sec
Scene ID:24518
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Includes these files:
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773.57 MB
21.1 minutes
5,135 Kbps
757.96 MB
20.6 minutes
5,136 Kbps
489.22 MB
13.3 minutes
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