First Mud Romp of 2015
Starring the following model:
"The mudhole is now open for business"

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Hey guys, I have the first mud video of 2015 for you. It was a mega romp and involved me getting messy twice and cumming two times. Probably the hottest video I have done.

Part 1 starts with me stepping into the mud in just my boxer briefs. I begin to push the mud around mixing it to make it into a wonderful creamy mix. I sink deeper and deeper into it. I lay forward into the mud covering my chest in it. I can feel my dick begin to get hard from the excitement of getting all messy. As I lay down in the mud and roll onto my back I gasp in delight. I begin to rub some of the mud into my underwear against my dick.

I continue to mix up the mud by moving around in it while rubbing it against my dick. After about 6 minutes in the mud I decide I have to dunk my face into it for complete coverage. I sigh in ecstasy. I lift up handfuls of mud and dump it on my body as I lay on my back in the mud. At this point I can't stand it anymore that I take off my underwear so all that I am wearing is a crotch-less thong framing my dick. I sit up on my knees while continuing to rub the mud against my dick, enjoying the smooth cool sensation.

I fall face first into the mud and rhythmically push my dick into the creamy depths. I dump more of the creamy mud over the top of my head and let it run down my face and neck. I push my entire head back deep into the mud. I get back up on my knees again rubbing the mud over my dick in front of the camera thinking about all the people who are going to be watching me. I continue to rub myself and it is getting to me more and more as I start to moan out loud in pleasure. I push myself to my pleasure limits and then back off repeatedly as I frolic around in the mud doing somersaults and handstands that leave only my spread legs and dick above the mud.

As I sit up, my entire face is covered in a coat of mud. I continue the masturbate while coated in the thick creamy mud that is affecting all my senses. I start to moan and grunt from the pleasure of it coating my entire body once again. I lie back down in the mud and start to vigorously rub the mud against my cock. I continue to moan and gasp in pleasure. This continues for a few minutes as I hold myself back while at the same time gasping and at the edge of orgasm. Finally I can't hold it in any longer and I shoot an arching fountain of cum and fall back in absolute ecstasy. This is the hottest video I have ever done and it's not finished. Part 1 ends with me waving goodbye and asking if you enjoyed it. Little did I know at that time that I would not be able to end that day getting messy and cumming just one time into the mud. After cleaning up and getting dressed (off camera) I decide I just need to get into the mud pit again and that is why there is a part 2

You will just have to buy the video to see what happens in part 2 but I guarantee its 18 more minutes of fantastic mud play ending with me cumming for a 2nd time.
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